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    Hi everyone, I have started this month with a goal to start relearning the art fundamentals and Im now on to doing humans and this is some gesture studies I have done today. This week has mostly been me trying to figure out how to flow the lines nicely. I feel like these gesture studies I've done are very out of proportion and like some advice on how to improve that and any other issues ya'll might see in these studies. Thanks in advance!

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    Good. You seem to be pushing the pose. More practice and you will be better.


    Good start. Try using a stick figure to start to help get the proportions correct. Once you get the proportions correct, then add (fill out) the body. Study anatomy- muscle and bone structure so that you know what is where. In your study, draw pictures of what you are studying. The internet has a lot of information on this subject. You also need to draw the figure provided by Line of Action and On Air Video.

    Remember: Practice makes better. So, practice, practice, practice some more.


    hi. the poses are readable and understandable, so give yourself a pat on the back for that.

    you're mostly drawing the contour of the poses, however. when doing gesture, you might start with a fluid stick figure, just to get the motion in, and then build cylinders and rectangles over that. you lose movement when you just immediately into contour.

    vilppu has a great vid on youtube. you might try watching it and drawing along? here it is! it's one i revisit often to loosen up.

    keep drawing, and cheers.


    I love your gesture sketches, Denonychus, yet I love your gesture poses even more! Please don't be too hard on yourself. Enjoy yourself and the process!!

    But, I've got one question: How long did your gesture sketches take for you to sketch them out? Why?? Because, I am correctly assuming that you've loosened yourself up in 30 seconds or more. But I digress. Take some more time on your relationships (proportions and angles), and your spaces, while working with a prepped ground.

    Hope it has been extremely helpful and constructive.

    Stay safest.

    Polyvios Animations

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