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    Hi. I just started learning how to draw. Before I was working on graphic design (mainly, promo stuff like posters, leaflets, etc.). I just finished first tutorial and these are my drawings.

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    Hello and welcome, Axelxan, to Line of Action, I'm Polyvios Animations, and how are you doing? Say, magnificent job on your movement over forms of your figure poses, but they still need even more motion and exaggeration. Would you like to go for 10 minutes of 30 second attitudes, using only your non-dominant hand? (20 drawings)

    The whole argument behind this feedback is because you can and will be able to differentiate yourself between looseness and care in your graphic edges. For more info, please look into Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, and Drawing on the Artist Within, by Betty Edwards, though she's more of an art teacher than an artist, in my opinion, but her work does make us think, really. Thank you, but let's hope my advice makes true sense.


    Hi. Thanks for the feedback. I will definitely go for 10 minutes with left hand, funny enough I used to be left handed but where I live, back in the day they were forcing everyone to be right handed. If you could explain in more detail what do you mean by drawing more motion and exaggeration? Thanks!


    Bonjour Axelxan,

    J'aime beaucoup les croquis que tu as fait ! Etant encore moi même en apprentissage pour faire de la bande dessinée, je peux te donner au moins un conseil. Quand tu desinnes, essaie de ne pas lever ton crayon de la feuille pour arriver à faire une ligne ( un trait) affirmé.
    En france quand quelqu'un dessine un ligne en faisant pleins de petits trains, on dit qu'il fait des poils de chats. ^^
    Donc un exercice que je peux te proposer, la prochaine fois que tu dessines essaie de faire ta posture en 1 ligne !

    Sinon j'aime beaucoup le fait que tu dessines avec les cercles, ça donne beaucoup de volumes à tes personnages, on a l'impression de ressentir les muscles !

    J'espère que cela te sera utile et bonne journée !


    Great stuff so far!You are really early in your journey, but that graphic design background will come in handy later when coloring is involved. One of the most important things to do when first starting out is to draw often and to try to get over that fear of getting it right the first time. I almost don't want to give you more advice, because the more you think you have to try to remember when you draw, the stressful and difficult it becomes. You are so early in your journey that I just want you to keep going and practicing.

    The one piece of advice I have for you is to learn to look at your own art and study it. Really look at your figure and analyze what works and what doesn't. Whats bothering you MOST about this piece of art? This will help you notice and remember what parts of the body you rush through, what mistakes you tend to make and really help develope your eye, one of your most important tools as an artist.

    You may not have the exact vocabulary to describe what you don't like about a piece and thats when asking for critique is the most helpful. As of right now there are a billion directions and pieces of advice we could give you and it will be very hard to implement every idea all at once effectively. If you have an exact problem, we can give you a solution that you will be more excited to implement and learn.


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