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    Hello everyone. I have been using this site for a few months now to practice drawing the figure. Here is a session I completed yesterday. I would appreciate any critique.

    Figure Drawing Session

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    Your lines are clean and very deliberate and controlled, and I like your shapes. You seem to be struggling a bit with depicting body fat on overweight models for some reason. Just an observation, I don't exactly have a silver bullet recipe for that, but maybe just keeping an eye on that may help you find a solution.

    The girl on the upper left side of your 5 minute page has an interesting mistake: you focused a lot on drawing her big hair, and as a consequence drew her entire head too big in proportion.

    The 10 minute figure seems to have posed you more of a problem, than the shorter timed stuff. Maybe just bad luck in the random choice of image. Me personally, when on the final draft something shows up, that I don't feel confident with, I tend to use the forward arrow to get a different choice, so the session doesn't end on an anti-climax.

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    Thanks for all the feedback. Will make sure to keep these in mind as I continue drawing


    Hello, Egusi Soup, welcome to Line of Action. I'm Polyvios, how are you doing tonight? Great work on your quickest gesture drawings for 30 seconds. But greatest works on your solidest constructions and lines of action from 60 seconds(1 minute)-10 minutes. Please push yourself as farthest as you can go.

    Yet, in the meantime, these lines of rhythm and action are not their fullest in their freedom yet. Why don't you do 31 minutes of 29 second poses, all using our custom class mode, using your underhanded position, and all using your left hand? (31x60=1860/29≈64 roughest stick figure sketches)

    The reason why you could do this request is because, if your first goal is to draw your lines of rhythm the least stilted, but the most boldest, powerful, and biggest in their freedom of action in drawn things. For most information, look into the 2 Drawn to Life PDFs(Walt Stanchfield, Don Hahn)here, please.

    Let's hope they've been helpful, supportive, and yet useful.


    @Polvios Animations That sounds like an interesting exercise. Is there a specific reason on why you suggest using the left hand to complete the drawings?


    You know, @Egusi Soup, I don't know what to say about drawing with your left hand other than to help you with two things: First of all, to loosen up your drawing lines and shapes, and second, to help you get mostly in synchronization with drawing from the right side of the brain.

    Let's hope these have answered your question, though I'm not much of an expert on drawing with the left non-dominant hand.


    Hello Egusi, I like the constructive approach, where you find the ribcage and pelvis, and then add the limbs as their most basic forms (cylinders or boxes with contour lines), where upon you can refine the shape (especially if you know anatomy).

    Your proportions seems good and you have nice confident lines! The constructive approach will help add a sense of depth!

    You could check out Proko on youtube or Marshall Vandruff's Bridgman figure drawing class on youtube as well is really good! :)

    Hope you the best 🤞


    This is use ChatGPT translated

    The lines appear somewhat stiff, but the proportions seem mostly fine. Keep up the good work! When drawing limbs, you can try using cylinders to depict their orientation. First, establish the direction before proceeding with the details. This will help you better understand the body. Please pay special attention to the three major blocks of the head, chest, and pelvis—these are areas where the human body cannot deform, so it's crucial to accurately depict them. Keep going! :)


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