First session in a while...please critique!

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    Hi, this is my first session of a 2 hour class in a very long while :D

    Any critique is appreciated! tumblrblog

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    You've got majority of the form down, and the shading in the 6th drawing looks goods. However, I have noticed you tend to overlap your lines with more lines (ei. drawing 2#) as well as not useing enough value in your shading (ei. drawing #8). It makes it hard to tell which line is a part of the form and where those forms are (especially with the very dark shading).
    When it comes to lines of the limbs just create them in a singular motion. If you feel nervous about messing up then use a simple lightly sketched skeleton before creating the form (which I noticed you doing in image #5). More control on value will also help you out. Start off with light before going dark. You can make light go dark, but you can't dark go dark.
    It's great your practicing again. Continue to pratice when you can! ?

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    Nice work, Eunlan,

    Nicer work on your pencil croquis, Eunlan. That's more finer potential on your figure studies, and I've got one smaller-than-small request: Why don't you do and try learning how to tone a ground please? It will be most effective and helpful on your next assignment. Thanks for the Tumblr,

    Polyvios Animations

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