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    Under "My Studio">"Practice Log", there is this calendar with daily practice and underneath a box, that displays lifetime practice in hours. My lifetime practice currently shows 302,40 hours, and does so since I first spotted it several days ago. Now, I remember vividly, that I got my bagde for 300 hours total spent on this site on 20th of June, and I have been quite busy since, as my daily entries show. Still, the "lifetime practice" display does not seem to budge. Is it supposed to keep track in real time or to refresh periodically? Because it does not seem to do either.

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    I think it recalculates roughly every 2 weeks, so it should be showing a new number quite soon. If it doesn't by Monday, let me know!


    Still 302 hours 39 minutes


    Still stuck


    How frustrating! I'll dig deeper.


    Whatever you have done, it worked.

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