New at drawing people.

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    I am new at drawing people, I have just recently done 5 drawings, please feel free to critique and it would be much appreciated.

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    You have a great eye for form. The proportions are pretty solid overall. I'm impressed, considering you've only done 5 so far.

    Just keep pluggin away and practicing. Gesture drawing NEVER fails!
    Don't be afraid of Shading. Adding shadows will help complete the shapes you're seeing, often more so than a sharp line will.

    Also, there's no reason to be bashful about nude art. We're all adults here. ;P


    I would say that you must learn the structure of the body. This means, getting grips with the human anatomy. This means drawing lots of naked people. By doing this you will learn some things. I could recommend a few books about this, like Bridgemans book about anatomy and Andrew Loomis's books. Not forgetting Burne Hogarth wonderful work concerning human anatomy.

    Remember, structure will aid you in knowing what to draw.

    In short, focus on anatomy and form. Gesture drawing is at the basis, then structure.

    Kind regard,




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