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    I've been drawing for a few years and have recently come back to figure drawing for a different purpose than before. When I first started my main goal was to get a decent foundation in form and proportion, but now I'm looking to improve my work overall and focus on fluidity. If you have any advice to give critiques, I would greatly appreciate it!

    Here are some recent ones:



    Thanks :)

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    My own immediate instinct would be to still push you towards form and proportion, but I am not the truthinator incarnate, especially not in regards to the artist you want to be. I think I can help you out by namedropping Mike Matessi and his force drawing method. He is definitely the current superstar in regards to line fluidity. The results he and his pupils achieve with the method are definitely top notch, I just personally won't be able to share much experience with what he does or how it works, because for me a lot of the english words he produces turn into a foreign language.

    If you would be willing to dig a bit deeper into that side of the art, and then share some practical insights when critiqueing my stuff, I would be eternally grateful to you.


    Thanks for the reply. I'll certainly keep that in mind, and take a look to see if there are perhaps any books by him I could read to improve.


    Yes, he definitely has published books. Just as a decision making aid for whether it is worth buying one, you could start by taking a look at this mini series:

    where he explains his ideas. There are more videos of him and people who follow his method online, that show the frankly incredible results he gets from this.

    Also, you succeeded in re-sparking my own interest in him, so I'll watch the videos, too, and see if I can maybe be less brainnumb this time.

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    Hello and good day, Spicierleaf.

    Nicer job on your finer display and greater show of your flow and fluidity and elasticity of lines of action and rhythm. Way to go, but I'm still not too satisfied with your linear boldness yet. Why don't you please just try out our interactive drawing tutorial now?

    As a result, your line confidence and consistency can and will improve quite exponentialy with time and repetition. For more tricks, please check out that video that Aunt posted above.

    My hat's off to you.


    I'll definitely go watch them, thank you.


    Thank you for your reply as well!

    I'll take the tutorial, and keep practicing of course. I didn't think of it before but that is definitely a weak point of mine.


    You have a unique style! I feel like I could pick your work out in a lineup. I feel that sometimes your figures get kinda squat, like you're trying to fit them on the page. I've had this issue too! I wonder what would happen if you used bigger paper. The sketch of the man with the spear is beautiful, and the anatomy is so grounded! I think part of its success is because you didn't force yourself to fit the whole thing and let it breathe!


    Thank you so much! I was definitely uncomfortable with my page size, but I have some very large newsprint paper that I hope to start using more often. I really appreciate your input.

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