Yikes, my practice streak disappeared. [已解决]

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    On the "your studio" page, instead of telling me how many days in a row I practiced and how many minutes I practiced today, I am told to subscribe? I assume that has to do with the design changes on the map, but my heart missed a beat when I first spotted it. 65 days was the last running total, and it would be super-disheartening to lose that.

    My name and logo is still visible on the upper right of the screen, so I am very much subscribed, and "your studio" even remembers the 65 days, but the boxes "spenzt practicing this week" and "critiques received this week" are empty.

    I am also told to upgrade my account to upload to my sketchbook... did anything go wrong with the billing mayhaps?


    I went through the subscription process again to check after the drawing session. I was irritated, that the option was even offered, but it still remembered my billing details and congratulated me on my subscription. Your studio still seems to believe, I am not. I checked with my bank, everything seems fine on that side, and I have no messages about declined payments.

    Btw, right under this message I see the add to support LoA, which tells me it would be removed, if I already did....

    Edit again. I found th e Billing info in my profile. It tells me, the next payment will be deducted in -2 days, and I am a Free member.... I guess, that has something to do with the problem. The card details I provided haven't changed, and there are about 1500 € debit on the card, so I don't know what the problem is.

    Please support Line of Action

    Support us to remove this


    Hi! I see on my end that you're a free member too. Let me look at the billing details and figure out what the heck went wrong!


    So, never fear, your practice streak isn't lost, it's just hidden right now. It looks like the last time you were actually charged was on January 20th, for 31 days of subscription time. It's just for some reason not charging your card, even though it's on file. Working with our credit card processor now to find out why.


    Sigh. I was told that subscription payments were on hold, they didn't know why, but that now they are not and that we should be able to get through all the stuff that was on hold today. I'm going to DM you a coupon code for alerting me to this nonsense.


    I am glad everything turned out well. I am old enough to understand the necessities of real existing capitalism, and that services like from this site are only possible as long as they are economically viable for the crew that runs them.

    Thank you for your service and good luck!


    I appreciate that. I frequently feel like I'm just eeking by, even as I wish i could make everything free!

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