学校: Southwest Minnesota State University 所在地: Watford Hertfordshire , GB


Website: www.jcmlfineart.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/jcml_fine_art_by_michelle_rose
Model Mayhem: www.modelmayhem.com/4585388

I am a student at Southwest Minnesota State University. I am currently working on my bachelor's in Fine Art. I am a junior and take most of my classes online. When this is not possible, I live in Minnesota for that semester.

I am the first international art student to take a figure drawing at SMSU in January 2021. I convinced the art department to take me on, and it was a stunning success for a first semester that was all done via video chat. A round of applause pleases for my spring 2021 models! You can check out their results on my Instagram.

Using programs like this one is great for my daily use. I try to draw for at least the 3-hour class using this website every day. I often post my gestures on my social media sites. Please Feel free to have a look and read it.

Fall semester of 2020, on December 12th, I won the Mary and Jack Hickerson Endowed Scholarship. This scholarship is one of the most prestigious scholarships awarded at Southwest Minnesota State University.

I have won a few juried shows in New York. My work has been shown in The Art House NYC show Grow in 2017 and the Van Der Plas Gallery NYC in 2018. My paintings have been shown locally in Southwest Minnesota. They have occasionally been displayed on the front page of the Marshall Independent and Tyler Tribute newspapers in Minnesota throughout my high school and my current college works. My most recent show was at the Cassio Metro Estate in Watford, Uk. It remained until the end of September 2021 and focus on artist studies for eventual larger works in more abstract forms.

I finished working on a few commissions for Second Harvest in January of 2022; Second Harvest is a food bank which is working tirelessly to help children and families get the food they need to survive, thrive and become their best selves in the Minnesota community. In October, both works, "Hunger is the Pits" and "Second Samie" sold in their silent auction with great success.

At the moment, my work is concentrated on two privately commissioned children's portraits. I hope to be finished with these before April of 2023.

In early February 2023, I passed the junior review phase of my studies. Now it's time to start getting my graduation show composed and ready for peer and public review.

Speaking of collaborations, I like collaborations. Working with other creatives is always a fab challenge worth taking on. Got an idea? Cool. Let's Make some art together.

Contact me: MichelleRCusack@gmail.com

All the best,
Michellerose Cusack
Jcml Fine Art


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