proportions arg

by Kittykatc, February 22nd 2019 © 2019 Kittykatc

10 mins ball point pen.


Hi Kittykatc,

Not bad.

A few things going on here though:

The eyes should be lower in relation to the overall height of the face. About in the middle. The nose is quite large, but well drawn, and the eyes look a bit small. Maybe not only the eyes, but the indentation of the eye socket and the eyebrows as well. I would exaggerate the eye sockets/eyebrows more.

Also I like to play with line weights in the face, especially around the mouth and eyes. Try leaving some parts of the lips out, and see if just hinting at the shapes might even be more effective than a fully drawn curve. I like to get the corners of the mouth, bottom line of the lower lip, and maybe some hint of the upper lip in the middle of the mouth. All lines catching the light on the upper part of the upper lip I would tone down or get rid of.

It's maybe a question of style, but try it and see what you think :)

Keep at it!

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