by Esperchild, February 22nd 2021 © 2021 Esperchild

A digital drawing of one of my many characters, Nao, using a figure model from this site who was hanging upside down using a sheer cloth. It was a fun little experiment but I wonder how did I do translating the image from real life to art.

Polyvios Animations

Wow, that is a very powerfully charged and expressive pose you've got there, esperchild, that's very greater.

Again, if I was to give you some honest critique, is that I love how subtle and honest your pose and forces are, but I really need and want to see you exaggerate them just a little bit mostly. Why don't you please take that pose above here, and warm up, and practice that pose sketch, with 127 minutes of 30 second quick drawings of mangwa characters, and others? (127 minutes x 60 seconds/ 30 secs, 7620/30=254 cartoon drawings)

And you want to know why???? Because it would and could help you out on caricaturing and exaggerating and distorting your motions and movements of your figures, hands, feet, and faces.

Good luck, from me to you, and hope you'll find this completely and totally conducive to artistry and creativity.


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