Draw a box lesson one

by Haseobodom, August 19th 2021 © 2021 Haseobodom

Super imposed lines with shoulder not wrist

hope I did well enough

will do other lessons but I work nights

critiques welcome even harsh one

Polyvios Animations

Love how much range of action, motion and movement with your lines, Haseobodom. Great use of speed and efficiency.

My critique for use, seriously, is that some of the speed is still developing, but I really need to see even more of that thing. Would you kindly loosen up your shoulder with 30 minutes of 30 second straight line and curve warm-up exercises? (60 exercises and all)

The discernment is because, to help get your shoulder in fuller motion with your session, with a 5 minute break. Not to mention, practice makes myelin, and myelin makes progress.

Good luck with your first newer goals.

Aunt Herbert

Good job. Just go through the lessons. Some will appear quite boring at first, then more challenging once you try them out. Ideally try to do at least a bit every day, so you don't lose connection to your task. Some of the homeworks can be quite gruelling, and may take you some time to finish.

One thing, drawabox wants most of the lessons done with pens or fineliners. You should get one.


hey man, from what i see here you can just jump in on some quick gesture 30 secs~2 mins drawing, to put in work the lines youre practicing. Some tip to draw with the shoulder is that, and this was gold when i descovered, you draw with the motion of the shoulder, but your hand should still be touching the paper, this way it wont seem like youre drawing in the air.

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