Warm up gesture 9-22-21

by FreshLeaf, September 23rd 2021 © 2021 FreshLeaf

With work and on top of homework has made it more difficult to post.I really need to integrate longer warm ups into my spare time

I notice what I have trouble with is being able to get my brain to process making the same shape from different angles; like the ribcage(I hope that makes sense) I also have a hard time with feet/understanding the pelvis area

This took me longer I would have liked about 5 minutes.

Polyvios Animations

Welp, ArtLessonspractice, I see where you're going with this pose warm-up. But, I've got a little bit of a problem with line quality and control. Some of these are a bit way much too choppy, and more importantly, the sincere timidity of the contours. Also, your line of action is well established in comparison to the forms.

Would you please check out the line warm-up exercises with Drawabox.com, for a 2 minute warm-up exercise? The reason why you could and should do this bit of advice is because, if you could change your grip for your digital art, then you lines will become all the more slickest and clearest, like a great clean up animation drawing.


Good luck, all the best.

Polyvios Animations


Thank you! I will definitely check this out :)



Let the grey from the line of action be used more throughout the figure. I would recommend you use the grey more than come in with the black and your gestures may be less stiff and more automatic.

If you would like a good book with great quick references I recommend classic human anatomy It's great at displaying the mechanics in a way that is easy to understand and lookup (insert section of the body here) with ease.

My next suggestion would be to get some children blocks and draw those. There is a unique set of blocks called wood stones that are invaluable to artists because they are basic shapes with lots of pleins that are like the body. Yeah, it is not as exciting to draw. But it will help you look for them after more basic exercises like these.

All the best,

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