Session 1 - Intro class Gestures - Pg.3

by Firebunni, September 25th 2021 © 2021 Firebunni

Sept 24, 2021

A 20 min session of some figure drawings from the introduction of the site.

I've always loved drawing, but I felt I lacked basic knowledge and anatomy,

what better than to start with figure/ gesture drawings.

Here to learn, would love some constructive feedback!

Thank you so much,


Polyvios Animations

Great work on your quick sketches and solid proportions and poses, Firebunni. I absolutely love how much your poses are really thinking and feeling.

I really feel that my completely sincere critique is that though the forms and spaces are perfectly realized in their contrasts, but I'm still not getting enough fun and excitement in the quick gestures. Would you please be able to lighten up your edges, or lines, with 20 minutes of 30 second quick poses??? (40 attitude drawings)

The reason why is because, to make you lines of action, balance and rhythm become the least rigidest and the most dynamic, vitalest, energetic and fluidest.

If you're totally and completely curious of the gesture sketches, be sure to look into these two links, here and here, too!

Good luck.

All the perfection,

Polyvios Animations


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