Last page I did for March 31. 55 30 second drawings

by Anime Beginner Acct, April 2nd 2022 © 2022 Anime Beginner Acct

Trying to break a bad habit I think I have formed of drawing detail when I should be drawing the pose. I'm going to post as often as I can and see if I can break this habit before moving on to longer times

Any tips or resources will be greatly appreciated


Hi, you seem to be well on your way to breaking your bad habit, though some of the poses still look a bit blocky - I would recommend that you try to find a smooth line of action before adding any detail at all.

Overall, great job and keep practicing :)

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Silly Me

A tip a teacher of mine once gave me to solve that particular problem:

Draw with the least precise medium you can find. Like a big rough charcoal or a large brush pen. It forces you to ignore the details. Varying mediums from time to time will help to :)

You probably won't like the direct result but you'll learn way more stuff ;)

Polyvios Animations

Good morning to you, AnimeBeginnerAcct, how do you do this morning? Awesome job on your quick sketches. I see that some of the details are melting away thanks to your quick sketch practices. Nice job on practicing your range of expression, emotion, and movement in your lines and moreso, your poses.

Yet however, I'm still getting some of the details a bit hard for you to shake. How would you like to boil down your sketches with 30 minutes of 29 second broad sketches? (1800 seconds/29 seconds=about 62 quick drawings) As Jim Smith says,

Work from your shoulder, instead of your wrist.

Jim Smith

If you work from your entire dominant and non-dominant shoulder, as you work out with your graphite stick, then I'd suggest you'll go with this drawing exercise. Trust me, you won't love what's gonna come out. For further tips and tricks to break out of your old habit in favor of a new one, check out this link to an Audible of Daniel Coyle's The Little Book of Talent, and,Betty Edwards' Drawing on the Right Side of The Brain, the Definitive 4th Edition. Good luck, and I hope these have actually helped out so much.


I see overall good portions of limbs and clear poses.

I will love to see them in clearly defined outlines! Also, how the head is placed is a bit unclear for me but I see you put a cross loosely telling where the drawing is facing.

Good work!


There are so many ways to do quick drawings of poses. It makes sense just to try everything out for a week and not get too focussed on one method too soon, or at all. You can draw just using geometrical shapes, triangles, squashed/stretched quadrangles. You draw by just identifying the joints and drawing lines for the bones to connect them. You can draw envelopes around the pose. You can just scribble/skate, without taking the pen(cil) off the paper. Just draw C-curves, just draw straight lines. You could dip into Mathew Mattesi's Force techique, but beware, that is a rabbit hole which can lead you anywhere, or nowhere. I'd suggest to keep testing the waters, enjoy and find out what works today for you, but perhaps tomorrow something else could be helpful.


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