Day 2: Eating cake

by Sanne, October 2nd 2022 © 2022 Sanne

Image description: A delectable cake slice with dark inner layers coated in cream and red frosting. Whipped cream is dabbed on top and various berries are placed on the cream. The slice has been cut with a fork, the front piece toppled over, and a fork is laid down next to it slightly digging into the side of the cake. Crumbs decorate the fork prongs.


Day 2 proved difficult because I am sick like a dog, and I realized I have NO idea how to paint crumbs. It was a good lesson and I'm VERY glad I stuck with it and finished it!

Polyvios Animations

Good morning, Sanne, and greater job on your VR painting of your food still life. Great job as always, and please do 5 minutes of 30 second still life drawings, so that you could loosen up your shapes and forms.

Sanne - Moderador del sitio

Hello Polyvios, thank you! I will definitely give that a try. :) Have a lovely start of your week, friend!