5 min sketchbook

by KATSVAL, December 16th 2022 © 2022 KATSVAL

Hi, I am Kats, a green designer, and a really want improve my sketch with more dinamic life drawing.

Thanks every one.

Polyvios Animations

Good evening, KATSVAL, and I must say that you must really know what you're sketching in terms of your drawn figures, clothed or otherwise. Way to go and keep on pushing yourself.

But still the lines are too much of the hairiest I've ever seen out of anyone here. Would you please free up your line confidence and power with 1 hour of 2 minute poses? (when paired with 2 minute warm-up drawings; 30 doodles) As a result, your lines and shapes will be the least itchiest and the most clearest and confident and boldest in your drawings. For more details, please look into the link from Animation Resources Right Here, and Here. These can help you out in terms of your practice goals and warm-ups.

Good luck to you, and Feliz Natal.



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