5 minute poses

by Thephilistine, January 28th 2023 © 2023 Thephilistine

Some 5-minute drawing from tonight's practice. Practicing getting my drawings to be more fluid, did a 15-minute warmup of 30-second poses but I feel like they're still stiff. Any feedback/tips?


They are still stiff for me as well, you should try focusing on the line of action and which part gives the most weight. Altho i like the 2nd and 3rd pose!


You're definitely right; my brain wants to make a copy of the figure but I know that that's how figures become so stiff. Thanks for the advice!


I like the way you create volume by adding extra lines like in the back of the 2. posture and I understand perfectly your shading processes. I do the same thing I want to analyze the form and then put shading to it, but to tell you the truth for me the analysing methode doesn't work. I try to get rid of it by scetching with my non dominant hand.


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