Figure practice, 2mins each

by Doqq, March 18th 2023 © 2023 Doqq

I've never used this before, but it seems fun. I haven't done much figure practice so this is all new to me :)

Polyvios Animations

Good morning to you, Doqq, and welcome aboard to Line of Action. How are you doing today? I'm Polyvios, and I'm finer and like I asked, how are you? Great job on capturing your forces and silhouettes of your figure sketches. Way to go and please keep pushing your envelope.

However, I am still not getting enough flowing appeal and expression in your graphic lines or shapes. Kindly loosen up your non-dominant hand with 30 minutes of 1 minute 45 second quick pose sketches? The reason why you should and could do this suggestion is because it will help you make your posing style less stiffer and less than rigid and more bolder and stronger in your lines of action and rhythm. Also, I recommend you to look into Fun with a Pencil and Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis in PDFS. My hat's off to you, so let's hope they encourage you.


Hi Polyvios! I really appreciate the feedback. Also I'm doing well, I hope you are too. I'll try to loosen up and get out of my comfort zone more- I've definately been struggling with creating more expressive and flow-ey lines! Also I'll check out the pdf as soon as possible, it sounds helpful. Thankyou again!


You are excellent at depicting the outlines of the body. SOmething tell me you've drawn a lot

Now something you could work on is your line confidence. I can actually telll you are very slowly dragging your pencil across the paper, matching the pictures you see, but they are slightly jittery because the muscle in your arm can't help but shake. Maybe practice with quicker poses and fewer, but smoother lines.

Don't be afraid to use more paper too. Drawing the whole figure is super helpful when you gotta practice figure drawing and cramping your sketches on one page not only hides body parts, it subconsciosly makes you shrink proportions in order to fit into the space. Newspaper print is your friend, as is the dollar store.

It really is impressive how well these are drawn when you haven't done much figure drawing. There a lot of directions to develope, but its so impressive just how much it isn't a jumbled mess of lines.


Thankyou so much for the feedback! I actually just went by my local art store and got my hands on larger paper after reading this. I'll definately try to work on my line confidence and relax my arm a bit more, as well as try to use fewer line strokes. Again, I really appreciate your response!