First watercolor in my whole life ^^ 6/08/2022

by Kheir, August 15th 2023 © 2023 Kheir

At the beginning I thought I will never show my painting here but as you can see I've changed my mind ^^ I've always thought that It was ridiculus to try to paint anything without having an exellent drawing level but since I'm trying to go out of my comfort zone I don't mind anymore & I really want to start represent landscape using colors (witch I never did into drawing) so after a lots of research , watercolor seems to be the best way for me to do it . I do not have important goals in watercolor , It's more for fun & to change my mood when I feel stuck into drawing (what happen to me very often ...) BUT I will always be happy if someone have advices so I can try to do better paintings , thanks .

A4 size on the pic' is the 1st watercolor I've ever made (6/08/22) , folowing a tutorial on french youtube channel : Marion Antolin - à nos crayons !

The smaller one is a "repainting" made on 07/09/2022 to see progress

Polyvios Animations

Welcome to Line of ACtion, Kheir, I'm Polyvios, and how are you this afternoon?

Greatest works on your shapes of colors and tones of your landscape scene. Please keep up the most greatest works.


Hi Polyvios ! Hope you're doing well . Thanks for the feedback !