Done within class modus

by Naima, September 8th 2023 © 2023 Naima

I tried to stay focused and just to go for clean, clear shadows.

Polyvios Animations

Most outstanding but groundbreaking jobs on your hands and arms of your figures, in ink and watercolor forms. Please keep pushing yourself like craziest, but these hands and feet still seem too timidest but rightest yet. Why don't you please loosen up but enlargen your hand and arm sketches with 5 minutes of 30 second hand drawings, but 8 more minutes of 27 second arm exercise sketches?

The reason is because your hand and arm bone and muscle expressions will be sketched out the least stiffest but the most spontaneous, liveliest, but intrinsically motivated. If you're still curious about gesture and anatomy, please look into the latest republishing of Anatomy for the Artist(Sarah Simblet)

Our hats're off to you.