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2 minutes each. Working on my gesture drawings

Polyvios Animations

Hello and good evening, Mushkrat, and welcome aboard. I'm Polyvios Animations, and how are you doing? Say, greater works on your gestures and action in your line sketches, but these poses mostly seem a bit too stilted, even for me. How would you like to go ahead and do 30 minutes of 1 minute poses?

The reason is because, if your first goal is to make my poses less stiffer, but more looser, then please bring it on! For most details, please look into the Kindle of Daniel Coyle's The Little Book of Talent.

-Take a nap.

-To Learn A New Move, Exaggerate It.

Good luck to you and your progress, but let's hope they have helped.


This is a wonderful starting point! On number 4 you did a really good job Identifying the line of action. If you haven't seen the 15 minute tutorial I would highly reccomend it. It's important to apply the line of action not just to the overall shape but also to the limbs to ensure they aren't stiff. You did a wonderful jobs on the starting poses. My reccomendations are the following :

-If you haven't already try one of the class modes to allow yourself to explore shading and longer poses.

-Be sure to follow that after you find the line of action of the body and add circles for the ribcage, and the pelvis. After create line of actions for the limbs adding the three joints for the wrist, elbow and shoulder. To ensure fluidity on all the pose.

You are at a wonderful starting spot keep working hard, time ,effort and milage will yield improvement so don't become discourged!


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