by Janhackstrom, September 24th 2023 © 2023 Janhackstrom
Polyvios Animations

Good evening, Janhackstrom, once again, great job, I say, to your incredible insight to your facial edges, spaces, relationships, and the gestalt, as well. Way to go, but there is not enough of that truly caricatured slickness to your organic facial lines, shapes, spaces, and forms. How would you like to please free up your contoural smoothness with 30 minutes of 30 second faces and expressions warmups? (60 warmup scribbles)

The reason why you could do this idea is because, deep down, you can and shall make your lines less stilted but slower, but more faster, but direct, but more sharp in your facial caricatures and exaggerations.

To Learn a Completely New Move, Exaggerate it totally.

_Daniel Coyle.

So, let's hope this has been totally useful, but helpful, therefore we can hope this all makes total sense to you.