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by Riva, April 5th 2024 © 2024 Riva

I noticed that, while my understanding of the proportions is still my focus, I received some feedback to try and open up my lines and attempt some fluidity. There isn't much of these attempts here, but doing this kind of broke my brain a little. It was so different and messy and strange. The results are not what I expected. I'll keep practicing.

Aunt Herbert

You should take every advice you get here with a grain of salt. We aren't masters or even professional educators, just fellow artists. If an advice sounds peculiar to you, you should at least check the person's sketchbook pages, to see whether their idea of art even match with your final vision for your art.

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Polyvios Animations

Hello once more, Riva.

Nicest and strongest and the most courageous jobs on your lightest and liveliest lines of action and rhythm. However, as Aunt Herbert put it, please take this littlest, tinest bit of advice with the tiniest and littlest grain of salt. No matter how much we practice our craft and art of drawings, we arent masters yet, just artists. Please kindy go as farthest as you can go and then, go farthest.

Iris Washington


I love how you are trying out things that have been suggested in your critiques! It doesn't hurt to try something new, and then decide if you want to keep trying it. I agree with Aunt Herbert: we are not teachers or masters here, just growing artists looking to support other artists. So please don't view anyone's opinion/critique as goaspel!

That being said: It's hard to get the most out of your figures when drawing models so small. This is one of my biggest trip-ups. I suggest doing one figure per page for a bit, or getting larger papeer, and drawing fewer figures in one space, You could also try a large newspaper pad, and practice with vine charcoal instead of graphite. It can make the hand glide a lot easier. and those supplies are not that expensive.

I'm very excited to see you grow!