more faces

by Pastabrother, July 2nd 2024 © 2024 Pastabrother

Quick sketches between face structure studies

Polyvios Animations

Good morning, Pastabrother. You're doing a farther than nicer job on your facial gestures, edges, spaces, and of course, facial proportions and angles and the gestalt. Please keep busting out newer face drawings, yet I'm still not getting enough of that more stronger caricature and exaggeration of your face and expression gestures and lines yet. Would you care to please just work more from your non-dominant arm with 20 drawings of mugs and melons (faces and heads) with 30 seconds for each?

The argument behind this criticism is because you can, shall, and therefore will get a whole lot more caricature in your head and facial portrait ink sketches. So, for even more details, please look up some Al Hirschfeld ink drawings on Pinterest for reference purposes. My hat's off to you!