¡Una nueva herramienta de dibujo! Formas básicas

Durante el año pasado, recibí una avalancha de solicitudes para crear una nueva herramienta de práctica para formas básicas como cubos, esferas y pirámides, para usar en la práctica de los conceptos básicos de estructura e iluminación.

He estado realizando algunas sesiones de fotos de prueba al servicio de este objetivo. Me encantaría recibir sus comentarios e instrucciones sobre lo que le gustaría ver en esta herramienta. Aquí hay algunas fotos de ejemplo:

Actualmente, mi plan es poblar esta herramienta no solo con formas básicas, sino también con arreglos de objetos de "naturaleza muerta". Podrá seleccionar dibujar solo formas básicas, solo bodegones compuestos por objetos, o ambos. Pero en la actualidad, como prueba, esta nueva herramienta cuenta con una pequeña selección de imágenes de prueba de formas básicas.

Lo que espero que suceda en las próximas semanas es esto:

  • Esta nueva herramienta de dibujo "formas básicas y bodegones" se expandirá rápidamente con nuevas imágenes y empezar a incorporar naturaleza muerta.
  • La herramienta de escenas y entornos anteriormente tenía algunos primeros planos etiquetados como naturaleza muerta. Eliminaré todas las naturalezas muertas de las escenas y los entornos, y reenfocaré esa herramienta exclusivamente en más macroespacios y paisajes (tanto naturales como creados por humanos).
  • Escenas y entornos pronto estará disponible para todos y ya no será una característica exclusiva de suscripción. .
  • También espero poder lanzar más funciones de calidad de vida para todas las herramientas en agosto

Por favor, comenta qué tipo de objetos, naturalezas muertas, formas básicas e iluminación te gustaría que se añadieran.



this is so exciting! can't wait to do some studies of the basic shapes. as for things to be added i'd love to see food and cookware, hand tools/power tools, and fabrics/clothes in various states of crumpled, folded, and hanging.


Looks like a great little warm up tool. I always doodle basic shapes before a sessions to reaquaint my brain with drawing form, but this seems like a nice little different way to stretch those art muscles

NG (unregistered visitor)

Very helpful! Also what you be cool to set up like a city scene full of blocks and other shapes that will help people with perspective and structure and only focusing on that instead of a picture of a city so they can simplify it better so it is easy to understand, do airplanes, cars, boats, chairs, couches, etc this is amazing!

Polyvios Animations

Awesome. I can hardly wait to try out this exercise tool!


Nice! I love this idea, I'd like to see fruit/food, everyday household objects, skulls, and different colored lighting! Thanks for all the updates and new features!

Sci Girl

I second the skulls motion. Both animal skulls and (fake) human skulls. What could also potentially be a great addition is basic shapes with really unexpected lighting, like extreme backlighting or two different colored lights. Studying how complicated lighting situations play out would be really informative.


seconding the coloured lights idea! i once did a painting exercise of a multi-light setup with pink and green filters over them. the shadows were the most wild, vivid colours.

Kim - Administrador del sitio

Awesome! I went and ordered some color gels for my lighting setup, so hopefully I can start playing with this idea soon :D


This is a fantastic idea!!

Lafie Safie

bless your heart, us artists love this website.

Learning Artist

Really great idea, looking forward to it! I'd second also adding perspective, clothing, and human skull rotations.

Extant Knight4

Great warm up and study exercise! This is going to improe my sense of perspective a lot since I have slight problems with it time to time. As my fellow artist suggested I would love to see categories for clothing, skulls and every day objects in the future too. ( and I would like to add texture practices and practices where you have easily visable shadows of objects and animals/ humans to the suggestion-list.


awesome! I have tried to sketch some of basic combinations already, and they are fabulous!


Very Awesome, I can't wait for the Scenes & Environments! Thank you


Great idea for a new tool! Will be sure to check it out and practice my lines and shapes with this. Thank you :D

Accurate Name

Already really loving this new tool. I can't wait for more image sets to be included.

Tomo (unregistered visitor)

I have being using the shapes for warmups and it´s great! I don't know if I just haven't encontered them, but some pictures with a max of just 3 shapes as good too so you can really focus on getting the shadows right with a smaller time. If i

Isha (unregistered visitor)

This site is very interesting


Yay! been waiting on this for a while now. Thanks for the addition.

All the best,
JCML Fine Art


Wow! This seems amazing!


Would you set them up by shape only? Like only "Enter Shape here"
Or Pick two shapes and let the photos pop up accordingly.
I'd also like to see a light feature (daylight, contrasting light, etc),

oh! And colour/greyscale/tone features so people can see the value and vibrancy of colour- which is so important and not always well understood. The image once in colour then flashes the same image in greyscale- so they can see how correct they were. 'Or is this the same colour value?-' test to help the eye see better how colour works.
oh! And a foreshortened feature.

I am really excited to see this happen. More Please this is only the beginning.

Thank you for all of these tools and your hard work.

Michellerose Cusack
JCML Fine Art

Kim - Administrador del sitio

These are amazing ideas. Let me see what I can come up with.


I have been using this for a while now. I think it would be good to have a single shapes button.- One shape per photo. So as to concentrate solely on basic angles and morphing of the shape from 3d to the 2d page.

Let us choose if we want a complex mix of shapes in one photo or pictures that are, say, all spheres or all... name shapes. So we can concentrate on how shapes interact with each other and space.

Kim - Administrador del sitio

The other upshot of this idea is that it is so much faster and easier to photograph single shapes...


I'll be working on light and shadow soon , sure this tool will be very appreciate , thanks for the add !


This is gonna be awesome!

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