Vistas reales de 360°

Hoy agregamos 9 poses de Sanne a los espectadores 360. ¡Esto incluye posturas tanto vestidas como desnudas para tu comodidad de estudio!

Como siempre, muchas gracias a nuestros suscriptores por hacer posible el sitio y sesiones de fotos como esta.


Polyvios Animations

Greatest job on your attitudes, Sanne!

Aunt Herbert

Sanne, a compliment from me after having drawn a few scores of your photos. I feel like your poses are actually very easy and rewarding to draw from, and I think it is kind of a mindset issue:
You seem less interested in posing, and more in acting. If I channel what you do correctly, you have an idea, what you want to do, and put all your energy into doing it. You don't seem to worry how you look doing it, but how (whatever you are in the process of doing) is done.
Which makes it easy for the draftsperson to pick up that purpose and energy, simplify it, and reduce it to simple shapes.
So, cudos.

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