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    I think i have major difficulty trying to bring things to a finish, when i try to i usually end up copying the contour which people tell me not to do and instead think of the "form" instead of line. Any advice on this? If there are any other issues, feel free to critique as much as you like. I want to improve quickly.

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    I think these look really nice! Maybe you can try to get inside the picture a little bit more and try to get a little more in detail with the shapes instead of drawing "your own idea of a leg/arm/..."? Hope that makes sense! Dont give up! youll eventually get there.



    Try working with negatively.

    Take a sheet of paper and cover it in graphite or charcoal. Then will an eraser only draw the highlights. Then come in with a paintbrush and "sweep away the pigment to reveal the mid-tones. After you are finished come in with black and white pastels and finish your drawing.

    And if you really want to be brave, do the above with your weak hand.


    All form is only revealed in the presence of light. So maybe if you study how light slides across the form you will be so focused on this you will learn something that will help you later when you work positively.

    The latter reason also goes for the weak hand. Sometimes we can be so hyper-focused we can forget to learn as we push pigment. The goal is a distraction to learn. The brain is weird like that. If we always do the same things. It gets bord, even if we are not. So sometimes we got to trick our brains into paying better attention to what we are doing to find sucess.

    Last suggestion. Work larger. Working on pages A2 or bigger help your whole body get involved, making form easyer to execute.

    Keep scratching at that surface.

    All the best,

    JCML Fine Art


    look up how to draw with primatives. proko on youtube is a good source.

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