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    Hi, it's been two weeks since my last post, so here is what I've been doin'.

    I tried to take into consideration all the critiscims and advices I received so... here's the result.

    What do you think ? Where should I (still) improve ? Should I try myself on different subject ?

    Link to the album : https://ibb.co/album/NT4Pk8

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    Good evening, and welcome aboard, and I'm Polyvios Animations, but how are you doing?

    Say, you're doing a mighty fine job on all of your subjects from figures to faces. I love how much agony, pain, passion, power, and animation you've gotten into your curves. Keep up the great works. But these curves still need much more exaggeration and emotion yet. How would you like to please try out our interactive drawing tutorial right HEEERE??

    As a result, your curved lines of action and rhythm will be quicky drawn less stiffer and more vital and energetic, but spontaneous. For most details and tips, please look into the recent livestream from Mike Mattessi on YouTube.

    This is actually from 8 months ago, so please take what you will from that.

    Hope this has helped you out on your current goal more. My hat's off to you.


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