3 minute gestures, am I improving? Does this feel gestural or something like that...

Inicio Foros Crítica 3 minute gestures, am I improving? Does this feel gestural or something like that...

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    (without warmup exercises)


    (after warmup exercises)


    honestly i was trying to draw a lot more than this in the time limit.

    Recently ive started my drawing sessions with an exercise thats like, just letting your mind and hand draw whatever without worrying about failure. I do feel like its made me a little more aware of my lines when im practicing and im not just throwing down nonsense hoping it looks good

    anyway though, any advice or exercise recommendations to go from here? i want to be able to draw humans from imagination (long term goal) and characters/animals are my focus right now

    thanks and many appreciations

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    Good morning, AfroExtensions, and welcome back again. I'm Polyvios Animations and how are you doing this morning?

    Nicest job on your range of expressions and movement on your faces and figures, but they don't seem to have the most specific goal for you in mind yet. Why don't you please try out our interactive drawing tutorial HERE?

    As a result, by being the most concrete in your current goals, then you can and will be the least plateaued in your learning curves and progresses. For most details, please look into the Mike Mattessi Drawing Forces Kindles(which I already have free samples of). My hat's off to you.


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