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    I'm guessing this topic title could be something else, but this is what I mainly want to do.

    These are three of my tries.
    These are the reference pictures:

    I am using Photoshop.
    As you can see, my lines aren't as graceful as they ought to be. While I know practice makes perfect, I would like to ask if you know of any ways of practicing specific with tablets. While my paper drawings aren't nearly as good as I want them to be, I at least feel like I have some control over my pen.

    The tablet is Wacom Bamboo, mapped to only one screen. Brush is default with pen pressure.

    Thanks in advance,
    Mothil. :)

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    Hi Mothill!

    I also use a Wacom Bamboo (pen), but I started with a Wacom Graphire 1 (about 14 years ago, holy cow!). The best way I found for me to get used to the coordination between hand and screen is to replace your regular mouse with your tablet regularly. With time (it may take several months) it will become so natural to you as picking up a regular pen to put on paper.

    I also personally found that Photoshop does not agree with my style of drawing. I like to draw fast and use quick strokes of my pen, but Photoshop has a nasty habit or not following my strokes quickly enough! That's why I prefer Paint Tool SAI, or similar programs like OpenCanvas and GIMP. If you struggle with photoshop for similar reasons I suggest giving it a go.

    Your gestures look pretty good to me, so I think you won't have too much trouble figuring this one out! :)

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