Can anyone tell my what's wrong with my gestures.

Inicio Foros Crítica Can anyone tell my what's wrong with my gestures.

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    I have almost drawn 200 of these already but I still feel they are wrong, do I need to like draw In the oval for rib cages and pelvis after line of action I am so confused.

    This is the drawing.

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    Good noon, Kanjifreak420. Welcome to line of action, I'm Polyvios and how are you doing? Great work on 200 of your quick gestures. Very loose, lively, and expressive. Keep up!

    However, as I look into your dozens of quick drawings, I'm not getting enough clear and directly organic shapes and sillos. Would you please tighten but loosen up your quick force scribbles with 30 minutes of 1 minute versions of your quick sketches of figure drawings? As a result, your organic constructions will become more solid and perfectly realized in their clear, not clean, forms and forces. If you're curious about more drawing tips and tricks, I suggest you look at this link here. Good luck from me and all of us.


    It's not that bad, you have a lot of motivation to do all this! I think that the proportions are a bit wierd but it's not a big problem. You can do a little guide for yourself :)

    I've made for myself a guide from my drawing lessons and it has been really helpful.

    I hope you will continue to have this motivation!

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    Hi Kanji,

    Trust your intuition! These absolutely look great. If you think they look "wrong" then try exaggerating the poses, almost like a charicature. As you exaggerate the forms, you will notice when they get to be too much, and exploring that dimension will help you anchor yourself to what's "right".

    You do a great job capturing the emotion of each pose. If you're looking for more, I would try indicating the pose of the head more, such as drawing a cross to represent the eyes/nose. By showing where the head is pointing, the pose will become more complete. You already indicate the head well with the placement of the neck line. This could be something additionally.


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    But after doing 200 of these I still don't understand their purpose can you tell me what exactly will I achieve by doing gestures I do like doing them but am I just wasting my time?


    are these better?(1min each I find this time perfect)

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    Thanks a lot.


    Gestures are intended to help you 'draw what you see' by breaking a body down into basic shapes and putting them on paper in a way that captures the essentials of a pose. The more time you spend on doing gestures, the more dynamic and alive your drawings will end up feeling. It's a form of practice that needs to happen to develop your skills.

    Essentially you're training your brain a specific way. Gestures are also useful warmups for more detailed and completed works of art. :)

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    Oh that makes sense thanks for explaining.

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