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    Hello, I went to my fourth live figure session today. I've had less time to study art lately and was glad to still see some improvement today. I didn't have time to warm up before going to the session and I was nervous, so I believe this attributed to my more awkward gesture drawings. I struggled with beginning to add some of the contours on slightly longer poses and only picking one part of the body to represent the contours of, as opposed to putting down a few lines to respresent flesh on the whole body.

    I'd love to hear any feedback, thank you.

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    Good evening, Drab Green Rabbit, and welcome back, and how are you doing tonight? Say, I think you're doing a mighty powerful fine job on your gesture drawings in terms of gestures (forces), and in terms of sillos, and in terms of relationships.(proportions and angles) Yup, I agree with your drawings being stiff, because of not having enough time for warm-ups. Which reminds me, when I went to my second figure drawing session last Tuesday evening at Lynn Arts.

    Yet so, we learned that it's nothing short of important for all of us to invest in enough time to warm-up with really quick sketches starting with 3 minutes all the way down to 1 second. The argument is because, it can and will help you need and want to constantly polish up your myelin, or muscle memory as we like to call.

    'Practice doesn't make perfect, practice makes progress and myelin, and progress and myelin make perfect

    Daniel Coyle, The Little Book of Talent

    Let's hope this thing and more have been completely and totally useful, helpful, and educational in your true adventure in self-improvement.


    Thank you, Polyvios. Next time, I will remember to warmup with quick sketches beforehand.

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