Do you guys see any improvement in the way I capture form?

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    Hi, so I've been regularly studying anatomy and gesture drawing for maybe 2 months now? I'm trying to make it a routine after years of struggling to find my flow and what works best for me.
    I've been drawing for a while now as a hobby artist, but my art is nowhere near the level I strive for. I'll provide images from the end of last year, and from these recent few months.
    I'd love to hear other people's thoughts on what they see, what I can improve upon, because I tend to have difficulty seeing them by myself. I fill about 5 pages of gestures every other day or so. I'm trying to focus on quantity rather than quality.

    idk how to add images here so the files are in this Imgur folder they're all dated accordingly. thanks! Pls tell me if the link works :)

    Link to Imgur posts with pictures

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    Later drawings have a sculptural style. You describe the structure clearly.


    Hello, Touyaisms, and welcome to Line of Action, I'm Polyvios Animations. How are you doing this evening? Nice job on your range of loose gestures and more sculptural forms and details in the later drawings, but the gestures could use just a bit more work on being even more loose. How would you like to try out our only interactive drawing tutorial here on our site, while quickly sketching out the figures with your left non-dominant hand?

    As a result, by working out your drawing exercises with your non-dominant hand, then you could and should be able to see your mark-making with newest eyes and hands. Let's hope they've helped you out so much, as you can polish and develop newer skills and older ones.


    I see improvement! Especially in your line confidence! In your earlier stuff, the lines are way more sketchy as you try to find the shape on the figure, but you can plainly see that in your later stuff, meaning you have a far better idea in your mind and in your hand what you are trying to portray.

    You seem to not really emphasize the form of the neck very often and forget to toss in the colar bone. Two quick lines on the top of the torso for the collar bone is great for knowing where to position the neck and the arms. It also helps indicate when the person is bent over. You aren't focusing much on the head, perhaps for studying purposes, but practicing the neck a little more helps direct the rest of the pose far more than you'd think.

    You're doing great! Im seeing some techniques used that I forgot about so I'll try to remember them for my own studies!

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