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    Hello, i was doing some animal drawings and i drew this elke which just looks completly wrong. https://imgur.com/a/UKoqaBj

    What and how could i improve on my mistakes? How do you draw antlers on these beautiful beings? Thank you

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    Hello, Evils Master, and welcome to our drawing tool, and how are you doing tonight? Great job on your first ever attempt to drawing your elk, but I'm still not getting enough of that holistic quality of that elk yet. How would you like to loosen up your hands of 6 minutes of 2 minute mammal sketches, all flipped horizontally? As a result, your perceptions of mammals and elks will become less stiffer and the most dynamic, fluid and flowing than ever, and the make your perceptions look or seem a lot more easier. For most details, please look into the Betty Edwards books, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, and Drawing on the Artist Within, they can help you out on the psycholigical aspects on perceptual learning in art and design. Good luck to you.


    As someone who drew a lot of horses as a kid, I feel your pain. My best advice would be repitition. Draw the same thing over and over again, and eventually you'll see progress! Another tip is to make a light sketch first, look at a picture of an elk, and try to see the lines and shapes that make up the animal. Try videos on YouTube for animal anatomy and don't give up! That drawing has promise and the fact that you can see the mistakes is really important! It is important to see what can be improved. I hope this helped!

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