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    Right now I am working on compiling my portfolio and sketchbook to be considered for a program in illustration/sequential art/character animation--all having a strong emphasis on figure drawing and so I would greatly appreciate critique and advice.

    I've been doodling for years, but haven't really taken a art class. I only just recently started using the drawing tools on this site and learning from the other amazing artists!

    So I would like critique on how to get stronger with my gesture/figure drawings as well as general critique/advice/direction. When will I know that a piece is good enough for the figure drawing portion of the portfolio requirement?


    Thanks so much! This site is phenomenal!

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    Hi Jayayas,

    Your longer time limit studies generally capture the subject, however for the 30 seconds to 1 minutes attempts, I'd suggest adding flesh to them when you've mastered the time limit. Specifically, for the torso the part where the ribcage ends is often a pinch or a stretch depending on the pose. This is an important visual indicator for the pose. You've done it for the studies, so a simplified version would work for the quicker attempts.

    For the limbs, I noticed in a couple of instances where the knee region is thicker than the thigh whereas it should be generally reversed. Sometimes the time limit or pose may cause this to happen, but again, simplifying the form and knowing in advance the general shape will prevent this.

    Hope that helps!


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