My First Gesture Drawings - Seeking Critique

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    Drawings from the end half of my 30 min class!

    Here are my first-ever gesture drawings-- some of them were 30 seconds, some were longer, according to the preset class time. I went over some of the ones I liked in ink, trying to be more confident with my lines. I used a hard charcoal for these, and I didn't like it. I think next time I will try using a sketching pencil. Or maybe pen, so I'm not allowed to take anything back? ;)

    I am still a complete beginner so I have been trying to figure out how gesture drawing "works." I find the 30 second poses are impossible which is why I only included figures from the end of my session where the times were longer. The first five 30 second poses I tried to draw literally only have a head and spine line.

    I can tell my proportions are way off on a lot of these and I don't know how to fix that. I would really appreciate any advice or suggestions!

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    Hi Vanillabook,

    i like your gesture drawings. Especially, because they are your first try. I would advise you not to do 30 second drawings. Especially when beginning, you need some time to grasp proportion and anatomy. 60 seconds is minimum ( and still very short). Dont worry too much about correct anatomy. this will come with time. i advise you to draw the bigger parts of the body: torso, legs, arms, head. Dont focus on eyes, ears , fingers and tooth too much. This will distract you from what is important.

    The most important thing is to start and than, to continue. You wont believe, how much you will improve in no time.

    Keep it up!


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