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    I am new to this site, and also a beginner in art. I don't have any formal training and I just discovered my love of drawing with pencil last month. So I have a lot to learn and my interest is drawing portaits.

    I'm a bit lost on how to best work with this site. I've selected the 30 minute class and photos come up and dissapeared every 1 minute or so. It was too fast I didnt even have time to finish drawing my circle and lines (i'm using the loomis method) before it changed to the next photo. It just made me feel overwhelmed and panicky. The brief description says that with 30 mins class it starts with 10 pose, down to 5 pose, 2 pose and eventually 1 pose for 10 mins.

    Does it mean that in total i'd be drawing 18 different poses in 30 mins?

    I tried looking at the website for some sort of guide but couldn't find an answer.


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    Hi there! I'd definitely start by going through the tutorial. Just hit the "get drawing" button on this page to be walked through:

    It should take you about 15 minutes, and I think you'll find yourself much less panicky when faced with short intervals for warmups. :)


    Thank you for the link! I looked for this after I created an account and could never find it again. A 30 min lesson/class is quite often more time than I have.


    My pleasure. The link lives on the home page, beneath the "scenes and environment drawing" block. It's a big teal rectangle that reads "New here? Learn how to make use of these tools to become a better artist."

    You certainly don't always have to use class mode, of course, and can pick whatever interval makes the most sense for the one particular exercise you DO have time for. :) I know I do.

    I went ahead and made finding the tutorial more "in your face" for users who haven't yet unlocked the "completed tutorial" achievement as well, so hopefully more people find it when they are new. I know for a fact you aren't the only one who missed it initially!

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