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    Hello! Here are some figures from a 30 min session


    I appreciate any feedback ☺️

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    Impressive stuff! I love how I can clearly recognize the volume of your drawings, the torsos feel very accurate and human. I must commend how well you're incorporating anatomy inside of you drawings, love the well drawn skeletons.

    Are you erasing any lines after you draw the outlines of the characters? If not, you have been doing great without the traditional circle and square guiding how you draw the human torso, you must have an incredible eye. But I'd learn how to use the circle and square in at least a couple of poses because some of them could use more energy.

    I see very little exaggeration in your poses, which may be a direction to take your studies. A lot of these poses seem very stiff and show little movement and its because you are just showing the outlines and not really showing an understanding of the underlying forms.

    Also, might be a good idea to just practice how the head connects to the neck and shoulders for a little bit. Your kind of skipping over it. Maybe do a practice session or two where you just quickly draw the head connecting to the torso.

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