PLEASE HELPPP!! Stuck on drawing a face!!

Inicio Foros Crítica PLEASE HELPPP!! Stuck on drawing a face!!

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    That's an oc of mine, the head angle ect i did use a reference but i got stuck on how this looks. Is something wrong? I can't see it!

    ANY critisism or advice would be absolutely amazing thank youuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Good evening, Karsaether, and welcome aboard. My name is Polyvios and how are you doing tonight?

    Say, you're doing a finer job on your face of your OC's edges, spaces, and facial relationships. I think it's completely getting there but I feel that these could use more bold expressions and caricatures. How would you like to please loosen up your expressive drawings with 5 minutes of 30 second faces and expressions sketches?

    As a result, your understanding of how to render the faces and expressions will increase billionfold. For most details, please look up a copy of Andrew Loomis' book on how to draw faces and hands, though your real focus for the day is faces and facial expressions. Good luck and my hat's off to you.

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    Whoever marked my reply as discouraging, then let me say, excuse me.

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    I haven't seen the reference, but the eyes are pretty far apart.


    Would it be ok to sketch over it real quick to show it, I'm bad at explaining.

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    When I get stuck, I edit the image on a program or on my phone.

    Mirroring an image is such a mind trip after you have been drawing it from the opposite angle. Try Mirroring the picture to see your underlying issues.

    Another good thing is to draw your reference right side up, and you upside down.

    Mind teasers like this help us see things we are missing.

    Or leave it for a week- if you can- and do something else for a bit. A change of pace can allow your brain to problem-solve in your subconscious.

    Breathing exercises are also a good help, especially when you want to finish it. The finish attitude is a killer of a lot of great art.

    I hope some of these suggestions help.

    All the best,

    JCML Fine Art

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    If sketching over it is what helps explain absolutely go for it:))

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