Recs for similar sites or challenges?

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    Big fan of LoA, but have been feeling like my practices lack variety lately, and want to pivot to a more construction-based approach for a bit. I appreciate the work done here and the frequent updates!

    I'm really looking for either a site with timed tools (like here) or clear "assignments" / progression / challenges. I already use / used:
    - QuickPoses
    - SketchDaily's reference site
    - Draw A Box

    I'm not looking for book recommendations (I own a few that I reference regularly already) or paid courses (out of my budget right now), sorry! Youtube channels are fine, but I already watch Marc Brunet and Proko.

    Thank you!

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    What about:


    Posemaniacs?(though some is in Japanese.)

    Thank you.


    Does Proko have challenges / timed exercises?

    I'm a longtime watcher of the channel, but I've never actually looked at the website! I'll give Posemaniacs a look.


    Yes on the Proko website, they released a timer tool like LOA.

    You should check it out because they have a lot of model packs you can add on for variety.

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