Saving some Photos should be possible?

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    I know this might have been asked before a thousend times, but i wasnt able to find a search function in this forum so far, this might be a good suggestion, a search function to find older topics would be really helpfull.

    Question: I would like to be able to save some of the photos for later as reference for painting and drawing mostly studies.
    Saving them for reference or studie purpose should be fair use and not violate any licence rules.
    I guess the concerns of the license were the main reasons why it isnt possible, or is it and i just didnt realise how?

    I think there should be no problem in allowing it.

    Get more practice photos

    Support us to remove this


    You're correct that the licensing from the donated portion of the tool photos mean that we can't consistently say it's okay to save every image, since not every photographer agreed to have their works be downloaded. In this instance, fair use is accomplished by using the original image as reference material to create your own, and it doesn't have anything to do with whether or not we provide downloable copies. Since we provide tools with donated photography, photographers can still ask us that we don't offer the images in a downloadable format as part of their license to us for example.

    I'm not sure if Kim has plans to change this at this time, but members have worked around this in the past by saving screenshots of the tool for the images they're drawing.


    Since so many of the photos are still under old licenses that often disallowed us from showing the images in any kind of "archive," we aren't able to offer a browseable section to see all the photos or grab ones you like or even to show you a summary of them all at the end of your practice. Maybe one day we will have so many new photos under the new license that we will be able to retire all the old ones and go forward to a glorious age of being able to show you what you drew! :)

    In the meanwhile, I understand a lot of people use screenshots or snip to save photos they like for later practice. This is okay and a fair use educational purpose. Go for it. ;)


    yeah i guessed so, thx for the answer.
    Quiete annoying to have to rely on screenshots but there seems not to be another way yet.
    I was just curious if that will be changed in near future, but now i know, thx again.

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