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    Hi I don't know, unfortunately I can't open your link and your sketchbook doesn't show anything. Is it because you want just certain people to comment? Which would also be okay for me.


    Hi Kane,

    Nice practice your doing. May be if you try to draw hips more like the so called " pelvic pants by Kenzo from "Lovelifedrawing" it adds some more volume to your hips. And it seems to me the distance between ripcage and hips is a bit wide, I feel the appearance of length between ripcage and hips comes more by creating a relation between both then by lengthening. Otherwise I believe Mejiiconfused has the more advanced skills, so keep following his/hers advice. Otherwise keep going, I am convinced you will improve fast!

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    Great start, I can spot every pose you drew.
    With you underlying "construction" I am a bit confused, sometimes it appears as if you drew the ribcage all the way to the pelvic area. May be it helps, if you draw the ribcage shorter and the pelvic area more defined (e.g. like some sore of a pants). Then the part in between becomes more obvious. I hope it helps, keep going, you seem to be very talented.

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    Well captured in only some minutes! In your 10 min sketches the right pose looks dynamic, but I don't understand the twist between hip and ripcage, may be you check again, but, I am a beginner myself, so may be my consideration are not too profund. Anyhow you seem to be very talented.

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    Very dynamic! I enjoy looking at your sketches! They appear very vivid to me. Just great!
    Concerning leg drawing I recently work my way through " Force Drawing Human Anatomy" from Micahel Mattesi. He explains each section of the body and has a great section explaining glutes, TFL, Pelvis and one for thighs/ hamstrings. It really helps me. Hope my posts is a bit helpful.


    I started reading " The Natural Way to Draw" from Nicolaides. He suggests to start with a 3B sharpened pencil touching the paper and only observing the model as if you would touch the person with your pencil and slowly draw without looking on the paper. It doesn't work too well for me, but it is fun and may be a possibility to get out of a stuck state. Hope you don't mind my explanation.


    Hi wxnter! your drawings look to me very talented. The way you capture faces is impressive.I am reslly fond of the thumbnails you post ed. Very interesting perspectives.


    I am not an expert, I just like to draw, so may be I'm not the right person for advice. It's nice how you capture difficult moves, like the moving feet or a hand heading towards a viewer. It seems to me you are not really interested how arms connect to your hands, may be it would look more natural if you seen hands beeing influenced by forces of arms.

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    I like the power of your lines and the way you drop your figures on the page, as if the page had no boundaries


    Very nice breaking up of the body. May be you correct a little bit the center of the spine, I believe your hip block tends to go a bit to much foreward. But I am a beginner so please don't take it to serious. May you try it out and check how it feels to yourself if you make a small change.


    Very vivid gestures. It seems to me, that afer a certain time you get somehow overwhelmed by the movement and you gestures try to move out of the frame. It's just a feeling I get by watching your scetches, don 't take it too serious, I' m just a beginner.


    I can perfectly understand you. It helped me to think that I should not try to proof that I know how to draw, but to see me as a curious person eager to learn something new, even by starting with harsh lines again.

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    Very dynamic drawings. I like the way you put heads in position.

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    Very dynamic and your joy with the new material gives your drawing a vivid expression! You perspective view is very talented, can you tell me, why you spit legs from joint to joint in three parts? It' s fun and inspires to look at your drawings!


    Hi Loiss, I like the way you capture gestures and the analytic approach to body contruction. My drawing is about the same level, so my critique will not help to improve too much. May be next time you try to place your figures in a way on the sheet, so they don't miss feet or hands. I believe you have a lot potential.

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