1 minute gestures

by Leahh, May 6th 2020 © 2020 Leahh

14 x 17 - larger than I normally draw! For this session I tried to loosen up and draw from the shoulder, and give more weight to the line.

I feel l've made some progress on tackling super-short poses, but I'm still a bit slow. Struggling to capture the whole body in 30 sec.

What are your tips for drawing faster and better?

Polyvios Animations

Hi, Leahh, Love how fluid and lively your gestures are becoming. You got it totally right. So, I've got on critique I'd like to offer: Would you like to economize your line work even more, by drawing 2 figures, for 59 seconds each, if you please??? Because, you'll get even more solid and fluid, and less stiff caricatures of the figure study. Would you do that??

Polyvios Animations


You got it, Polyvios. Thank you as always!