The best of my half hour class 2

by Amurphyr, May 8th 2020 © 2020 Amurphyr

Done as part of a 30 minute class.

My current goal is: Improving my art in all aspects especially that of the human form



I feel like you went into shading too early, before rendering the body fully. The torso is the most structurally sound part of the rendering, while the legs, hands and arms feel like you "drew what you knew" instead of really trying to follow the forms of the picture. The angles are off, and there's more stylization than study. Also, think about proportions while you draw.

Same goes for the face. Every part of the body is composed of volumes, and the face is looking flat--in a short session like this, you don't need to prioritize it, but as with everything else watch your angles.

A few pointers that might help:
1. There are little to no straight lines on a human body--what may appear to be straight lines is actually interconnecting curved ones.
2. Consider going in the order of ribcage, pelvis, legs, head, and arms. This process will allow you to better understand the center of the pose.
3. Try to look more at the reference than your own paper--you may get lost in making things perfect instead of what you're trying to capture. (This goes back to the early shading thing--capture the form before you go into shading, especially in a short 30-minute class session.)

Good luck, and keep drawing.