by JBLEE, June 14th 2020 © 2020 JBLEE

croquis practice



I don't know how long it took you to draw this, so I'll do my best to give a critique. I feel that you got the basic shapes right and you do have a basic knowledge of anatomy, so well done!

Your line is a bit heavy, which can mean you're very confident - a good thing! But also doesn't leave any place to fix things in a simple way. Drawing with lighter and quicker lines can help catch a better gesture of the pose, and also leave a place to fix things in an easy way - don't commit right at the beginning for your line (unless that what you intend to do) and let yourself catch the general idea of the gesture/pose before putting your final lines.

My recommendation for you would be to try and be more energetic and let the drawing breathe a bit. You don't need to make a perfect sketch but to try and catch the gesture better (which is more important in quick sketches).

Good luck! Hope this helps!

Polyvios Animations

Magnificent figure drawing work, JBLEE, I love it very so much. However, I've got one smallest request: Why don't you do yet your first ever 5 minute light and shadow value study in your pencil weight exercise in this website, thru this link right here, pretty, pretty, pretty please, please,please?And the apologia is because, you will be able to sharpen up your control and understanding of the values (lights and shadows) your pencil can make. For more info, look up the Anson K. Cross book on Lights and Shadows, also featured on this site right here. Hope, and have trust that it'll complete your next drawing.

Polyvios Animations

Vi Cious Snek (unregistered visitor)

I would suggest improvement with the proportions of the arms. They seem as if they're broken and too skinny for the rest of the body. The shadow for the leg is unnatural, it would be better if you didn't draw it at all. I would strongly suggest you use thinner lines so as to have more versatility in correcting the pose. Lastly, this is a detail but it's strange to have a shadow for the body but also hatch over it to make more shadow effects. Keep one. Good Luck!


I think it looks great. I would try to fix the arm proportions.



keep working on


its cool!! i think you should do more less weight lines and do them less hairy. english is not my first language so hope you understood what i meant :)