60 seconds 1

by Aernout, October 9th 2020 © 2020 Aernout

charcoal on paper


The top right is amazing - i love the expressive mark making! If anything put more focus on the heads of the figures so the audience can distinguish the figures more :)


Dear Emiliaem,

Thank you for the compliment.Just to be sure, do you mean you miss the heads? There was simply not enough time for them.



I love how, even with speed, you seem to get what's important right in there. Personally, I'd work a bit more on kinda distinguishing the bigger picture with your shapes, but you're already really good!

Perky Orb

Three of them capture decent gesure, but two of them look underdevolp and fail to capture the engry or their pose.

Tx Williep

I would try making larger figures so you can more easily see what is going on. If you use a charcoal stick you lose detail when the figures are so small. A charcoal pencil (4b) would be more useful. Your figures are not bad. They would be a good start if they were larger. If the cost of the paper is an issue, use newsprint. The problem with that is that newsprint is not good for long term survivability. But for short time practicing it will do just fine. Suggest you date your works so at a later date you can see how you have progressed. Keep practicing because practice makes better.

Kim - Administrateur du site

Beautiful work for 60 second pieces! I feel like I can see you learning. :D