One 25 min and two 10 mins

by Munkedragon, January 10th 2021 © 2021 Munkedragon

Done as part of a 1 hour class.

My current goal is: Better understand human anatomy, so I can render imagined poses

Polyvios Animations

Hey, hey, hey, Munkedragon,

Nicer work on your human anatomy drawings, that's very nice!

I feel, and think, that your human anatomical structural would benefit much if you please focus on 74 minutes of 30 second poses of various ages and sexes and genders? And furthermore, why don't you pretty please do even more sketching with your whole shoulder instead of your wrist?? And all form memory, too???

And do you really know why???? Because of two excuses: a) you'll be able to vary and diversify your creative and artistic ranges of figure anatomy b) you'll apply a broadest range of movement in your drawings, from observation or memory. Good luck, and I hope you'll have found these definitely and utterly kind and nurturing.