sketchbook page - 2021-01-07

by AmX, January 12th 2021 © 2021 AmX

This page contains the sketches of a 30minute class (also a lil extra doodle, pls ignore for the critique).

I don't really have a specific goal, just improving in general, especially for animation purposes (so the goal is probably improving at capturing movement and dynamics of a posture).

Also please give me your thoughts on the size of the sketches and if you think that drawing on a bigger skale would help to improve.

Thank you for the feedback.

Polyvios Animations

Great work and keep on practicing sketching, amxou, that's very nice!

Well, if I feel that your sketches could and would improve from something, why don't you please do 78 minutes of 30 second attitudes, all drawn through, please? Image here:

And you know why???? Because, this image is from an animator's James Lopez's (Former Disney Animator, creator of Hullabaloo) Drawover notes, which shows you this particular principle. Not to mention the fact that it'll help you cartoon and caricature your poses and figures for your character designs and animations even more.

My hat's off to you and I hope you'll find this helpful, encouraging, and informative.

Polyvios Animations

P.S. right click (command+click) on this wierd icon and open this image in a new tab on your web browser.

Polyvios Animations


I do have fun doing the 30second drawings but they are also pretty exhausting. Until I get to more than an hour of them a lot of time will pass but I'll keep it in mind :)

Thank you for taking the time telling me~

Halan Lore

I find small sketches are useful, and so are big sketches... but for different reasons. If I'm doing something like a thumbnail I want it to be small, but if I want to practice details it needs to bigger. So which one are you wanting to do?

How big is your sketchpad? If you're really wanting to go big you might have to buy another one. I've started using an 18 x 24 for figure drawing. But it's newsprint so it's kind of a pain. However you can get a decent quality paper for not much more.

I like your shading, very cool :D It looks like you enjoyed yourself.


The page is from a 21x21cm sketchbook. For now it is probably more like thumbnails, especially the gesture drawings don't need to have details. On the other hand the five or ten minute should be bigger.

Thank you for taking the time pointing that out ^^

Halan Lore

Hah, sorry for the late reply but I feel like I need to clarify I was definitely talking about inches so that would be ... 45cm x 60cm about

Ai Neander

Hi amxou,

These are good! I think an exercise that could help you improve might be drawing through the figure in order to work on volumes. This works by drawing the figure more like a series of simple 3d forms. For example, if you draw a circle around the waist at the top of the pelvis, you would see the front and back side of the circle, and the tilt of that circle would help define the perspective of the waist. I hope that makes sense. This video does a better job of describing it:


I will keep that in mind, it does seem helpfuly especially for the bigger drawings (aka more time to think about that).

Thank you so much for giving me this advice, you explained it nicely ^^


I can see the diversity in movement on each sketch. I agree that you could help push that movement farther if you were to go to a larger scale, thus forcing you to flesh out more of the sketches. (And I love the little doodle, very cute.)

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