by SINE, March 3rd 2021 © 2021 SINE

Done as part of a 30 minute class.

My current goal is: I don't know! I am an absolute beginner; I'm here to study the basics of rendering

Polyvios Animations

Love how much range of expression and emotion needed in your hand and foot gestures, SINE, that's a very great job.

My piece of advice from me is to please, pretty please work out the gestures, through 141 more minutes of 16 second hand and foot poses?????? (141 x 60/16, 8460/16=529 animated drawings of those appendages) So, that I love the range of cartooning and caricature of those body parts so much!!

The reason is, as a result, it can, and it shall help you out on making your hands, feet and others more holistically read, for the strongest possible visual communication imaginable. For more practice and study, make sure you look up the Frank Netter Anatomy Book illustrations.

Good luck and my hat's off to you, plus I hope you'll find this advice definitely and absolutely practical, informative, and concrete.